Daily Updates on COP15 for 10th Dec

Today was really an exciting day for me. This is my 1st day spending all my time in Bella Centre to attend all the plenary sessions and discussion. Busy schedule for the day:

Time Activities
10am – 11am Contact Group on issues relating to joint implementation
11am – 12.30pm British Council Photo-shoot and Peace Demonstration
1.30pm – 2.30pm Blogging @ Computer Centre
2.45pm – 4.15pm Low-Carbon Asia: Visions and Actions
4.30pm – 6.00pm The necessary climate action – in Denmark and Internationally
6.15pm – 7.45pm 1) Japan’s efforts for international cooperation on Climate Change

2) Climate Change and Sustainable Land Management

8.00pm  – 9.30pm Private sector solutions to climate change challenged in Asia and the Pacific

Also, today is my first time in my life joining in for the ‘Peace Demonstration’ with the rest of the BC ICCs.


Attending the session on Low-Carbon Asia: Visions and Actions allowed me to have a better insights on the take of Japan on Carbon Emission. During the Q&A, I raised the question on “Is it possible to achieve Carbon Free emission and not only reducing on CO2 emission. After all, by reducing carbon emission, there’s still emission done”.

Raising a burning question to the panelists

  • Reply from the panelist was:
    • By doing so, it may lose our opportunities in economic growth. Thus, we have to balance the scale of economic development VS environmental conservation
    • It may cost a lot for country to invest on the green technology

After the session, I’m able to get in talk with Mr Ohki Hiroshi, President for COP3, to get him to share on his perspective on youth involvement in UN Summit. I really learnt alot from his conversation

With Mr Ohki Hiroshi, President of COP3

Rewarding day for me!

Kenneth Wong @ COP15
Singapore Climate Champion


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